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Research, development and innovation in electric mobility through the design and assembly of an electric vehicle for Formula SAE competitions.


To be a national reference in technical skills in the area of electric mobility and as a Formula SAE competition team.


Our team values its values and organizational culture, and seeks to make them present and visible in the routine of everyone who integrates EVolt Racing. These values are summarized in ETHICS, SAFETY and RESPONSIBILITY .

Discover Formula SAE

The Formula SAE Brasil competition aims to provide engineering students with the opportunity to apply in practice the knowledge acquired in the classroom, developing a complete project and building a Formula type car. The teams with the highest overall score in the competitions of the Brazilian competition can represent Brazil in the world competition, in the United States.

In 2018, 72 teams entered the competition, of which 54 had combustion cars and 18 had electric propulsion, with 68 Brazilian teams and 4 foreign teams (Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela). In addition, the Brazilian teams represented 57 higher education institutions from 11 states in the country, in addition to the Federal District.

It is noteworthy that in 2018 only 1 team from the Electric Formula category was representing the Northeast region by the state of Paraíba, and from 2019, we at EVolt Racing, will also be representing our region by the state of Pernambuco!!!

More information about the competitions organized by SAE Brasil can be found at:

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